Faculty Handbook and Generally Applicable Faculty Policies

Georgetown University Faculty Handbook

Faculty on all campuses and in all schools at Georgetown University are governed by the provisions and policies set forth in the University’s Faculty Handbook.  The Faculty Senate, which is the University-wide faculty governance body, plays a key role in formulating and revising policies that appear in the Faculty Handbook, including those relating to faculty rights and responsibilities, rank and tenure, the faculty Grievance Code, and other policies.  Many of the policies contained in the Faculty Handbook also have broad application to non-faculty members of the University community.  

Other University Policies

In addition to the provisions of the Faculty Handbook and the policies on the Overarching (University-Wide) Policies page and the Policies Governing Specific Areas page, University faculty are subject to other University policies, information about which can be found on the following pages:

Disclosure of Student Information – addressing what student information can be disclosed, under what circumstances, and to whom.

Faculty Governance – describing the Faculty Senate and the University’s faculty governance structure.

Information about policies that apply to faculty on particular campuses can be found through the tabs on the left side of this page.