Overarching (University-Wide) Policies

Certain policies at Georgetown University apply broadly to all groups in our community (students, faculty and staff). The following are some of the key overarching policies that all members of the University community should be aware of.  (Note that many other policies apply to each of us in our daily activities—most of those policies can be found on other pages within this policies website).

Code of Ethical Conduct – setting forth basic expectations, standards and shared community values.

Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy – setting forth standards for use of University information systems, networks and IT resources.

Copyright Information – setting forth copyright policy and standards for the use and dissemination of copyrighted information.

Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policies [EO in Employment] [EO in Education] – policies relating to recognition of the value and benefits of diversity at the University and to the rights of individuals to be free from unlawful discrimination.

Electronic Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Policy – setting forth standards for making information accessed, delivered or used through University technology accessible to those with disabilities.

Financial Conflicts of Interest Policy – setting forth standards for disclosure, management, and avoidance of financial conflicts of interest.

Harassment Policy – setting forth standards and expectations relating to unlawful harassment.

Intellectual Property Policy – setting forth rules and procedures relating to intellectual property and the responsibilities and rewards associated with it.

International Travel Policy – setting forth procedures and requirements relating to University-associated international travel, including to countries that are under travel warnings.

Just Employment Policy – addressing the University’s commitment to social justice in the context of requirements and procedures to ensure fair and competitive compensation for University employees and full-time contract workers on the Washington, DC campus.

Policies on Alcohol and Other Drugs – policies, applicable laws and penalties relating to the use, possession and distribution of alcohol and other drugs; information about the risks and effects of drug and alcohol use and dependence; and resources to assist students, faculty and staff who may be having a problem with alcohol or drugs.

Policy on Consensual Sexual Relationships Between Senior and Junior Members of the University Community – setting forth standards and expectations relating to consensual sex in the University setting and the issues that can arise from it.

Policy on Sexual Misconduct – setting forth standards and prohibitions relating to sexual misconduct in order to promote a safe and hospitable environment for members of the University community.

Privacy Policy setting forth standards and expectations relating to privacy and confidential information.

Protection of Minors Policy – setting forth requirements and procedures relating to University-related programs and activities involving minors.

Speech and Expression Policy – setting forth standards and expectations for speech and expression at the University.

Whistleblower Policy – setting forth a general prohibition against retaliation against those who make good-faith reports of suspected or actual wrongful conduct.